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What is an End-of-Life Doula?

End-of-life (EOL) doulas provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort to dying individuals and their families through education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual or practical care. Doulas may provide around-the-clock support during a person's last few hours or days of life, including life review, reminiscence, guided meditations, a quiet presence and cultural rituals. They may also assist in family support through the arts, religious support and in the creation of spiritual and emotional legacies.

End-of-Life Doula Training

EOL doulas gain knowledge and experience through specialized 12-hour End-of-Life Doula Training, with an opportunity to participate and complete Holy Name's End-of-Life Doula Certification Program. This training meets the core competencies, ethics and standards of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance. There is currently no governing body that credentials EOL Doulas on a state or national level.

Holy Name's doula training is open to the public and can be completed without intent of volunteering with Villa Marie Claire. It offers an educational opportunity for family caregivers and healthcare professionals.

End-of-Life Doula Certification Program

The certification program requires completion of the 12-hour training in addition to 30 hours of mentoring and direct patient service. Following completion of the training, the participant will be mentored by a current doula and able to observe, shadow and then lead a doula visit. This mentorship program allows trainees to document and discuss questions or concerns, review emotional and mental triggers and understand moments of transference and other emotions that may arise while doing this rewarding, but difficult work.

Interested individuals must first meet the requirements for the Hospice Volunteer Program and gain six months or 30 hours of experience as a patient and family services volunteer prior to entering the End-of-Life Doula Certification Program.

For general inquiries and additional information regarding applications and training dates, please email