Villa Marie Claire

Compassionate and Comforting Care

Fifer Woods

Talking, Sharing and Grieving

Dave and Fifer Woods had made their plans. After 42 years of marriage, they agreed that when Dave’s eye cancer...

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Janice O'Brien

Feisty Once Again

Janice O'Brien spent 38 years in nursing, a smart, competent, compassionate nurse tasked with caring for...

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Esther Baker

From Volunteering to End of Life with Dignity

In their 60 years of marriage, Paul and Esther Baker didn't think much about hospice care until...

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Norman "David" Atkinson

Beating the Odds for a Life of Giving

Norman "David" Atkinson's parents looked at their young son and saw only his potential and what...

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Terrence McCabe (Dan McCabe, Terrence's son)

A Stream of Visitors for a Wise Man

Terrence McCabe had lived a long life, filled with family, friends, drive and purpose. So when he didn't have...

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Teri Furr

A Life with Passion

It would be easy to say that Teressa "Teri" Furr's passion was acting. Or singing. After all, she performed...

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Chuck Mihalik

Hot Dogs, Cars and Polka Music

Chuck Mihalik was craving some deep-fried eats from Rutt's Hut, the last hot dog mecca in Clifton...

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Beth Sengson Viapiano

Comfort and Family

More than 30 people came to see Beth Sengson Viapiano over three purposeful days. There were...

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Dave Woods

Not Wasting His Cancer

Dave Woods is more than three years into his fight against choroidal melanoma, a rare life-threatening...

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Sandi Klein

Feeling At Home at Villa Marie Claire

Jerry Klein had been back in the hospital, this time in isolation, for about two months...

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Anthony Giannella

United through it all

Ron Giannella didn't want to hear that his father, Anthony Giannella, needed hospice care...

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Wesley Grove

Villa was his port in the storm

Wesley and Zsusza Grove had a storm raging around them and they needed some type of mooring...

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Raymond Hopp

A true gentleman

In what would be the last weeks of his life, Raymond Hopp was in the hospital and so agitated he asked...

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Richard Laguna

At the End, Beauty and Comfort

Richard Laguna served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and then worked as a delivery man for a good...

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Nadine Reistetter

A loving sister

More than anything, Nadine Reistetter's family didn't want her to be alone. She had cancer that...

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