Villa Marie Claire, Residential Hospice
Map: 12 West Saddle River Road, Saddle River, NJ 07458
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No one is exempt from the uncertainties of the human condition. But for people with advanced illness, anxiety about what the future holds is magnified. Reinstating a sense of control and maintaining elements of everyday life help patients and the people who love them to celebrate life, and to find comfort and satisfaction in the here and now.

Villa Marie Claire is a residential hospice like no other in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. Everything about the Villa—our family-focused philosophy, an interfaith/intercultural educated healthcare team, the welcoming overnight accommodations for loved ones—speaks to a profound belief that quality can be achieved at every stage of life, no matter an individual's medical diagnosis or physical and cognitive abilities.

Villa Marie Claire is set on 26 acres in Saddle River, NJ, with views of the estate grounds from every room. High ceilings and wood floors, hospitable furnishings and fireplaces, and the availability of both private and community spaces create an elegant, homelike ambiance in direct contrast to the sterility of a hospital or traditional clinical setting. The inground pool adjacent to the backyard patio opens seasonally, for use by patients and visitors alike. Our grounds, with their gardens and grassy walkways, are yours to explore.

"We asked what need is not being met in our community. We determined that it was time to break new ground and create a freestanding, independent hospice. It had to be an innovative, one-of-a-kind place. A place where people will be able to accept that all of us will die, but that it doesn't have to be a terrible, lonely process. You can actually find comfort and satisfaction with those you love, and make the last days of life about living."

- Michael Maron, President/CEO
Holy Name Medical Center

In a Saddle River hospice, four lives draw to a close with resolve and candor

Family and friends come and go, and stay over if they want. Pizzas are delivered. Football is watched. Come summer, grandchildren splash in the pool. Life goes on.

A silver-haired man of gentle bearing holds the hands of his patients. He hugs their loved ones, delivers food, shares meals, answers the phone...even cuts the grass.

He's the Villa's medical director, and he lives upstairs. "Call me Charlie," Dr. Charles Vialotti says. Everyone does. The physician believes it's good for his patients to talk about their lives. Terry, Laverne, Mary and Wesley did just that.

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